more than life…

forest-at-dusk.jpg  Stand by everything You said, stand by the promises we’ve made.  Let go of everything I’ve done and known.  I’ll run into Your arms.  And all I know is, I love You more than life.  I love You more than life.  Fall back on everything You’ve done.  Fall back on everlasting arms, when all the world is swept away.  You are all the things I need.  You’re the air I breathe.  How can it be, You were the One on the cross that died for me, lifted for all our shame?  How can it be, the scars in Your hands and feet are for me?  I love You so.  You are the King of all.  I love You more than life.  So gracious and merciful.

You are all that I have ever wanted.  I long for You more and more each day.  I finally understood today what David meant when he said “my soul longs and thirsts for You.”  I have never had such a hunger and thirst for You like this before.  Oh to get lost in You–to lose track of time and all awareness of everything around me.  To look up and close my eyes–to look upon You glory behind the veil.  To come to You as You beckon me forward.  I hear You calling me, I feel Your love around me, I want to get closer, closer, closer.  I want to buckle under the weight of Your glory.  My heart cries out and the Spirit stirs within me.  My words fail me, but I cannot say it enough:  I love You more than life…   


~ by visionaryvanguard on Monday, 2007 June 18.

One Response to “more than life…”

  1. I love what you put on here!!!!!! Thankyou for just encouraging me…

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