the wonder years…


Yes, you read correctly…I’m writing about ‘The Wonder Years.’  I must say that I remain a little frustrated that this TV show has not been made into a DVD collection.  Let’s be real here, every other show under the sun has been produced in a DVD collection for reminisers of all kinds to purchase…right?!  Where is ‘The Wonder years?’

Frustrations aside, this show holds a special place in my heart.  It is the first tv show that I remember watching with my parents–along with ‘The Cosby Show’ of course.  Man, those were the shows!  These were two sitcoms that depicted real family life in all its glory–the good, the bad and the ugly.  Who can forget the ‘friendship turned to love’ relationship of Kevin and Winnie?  What about Kevin’s best friend Paul (thick black framed glasses and all)?  I learned about life by watching these shows.  Things were so much simpler back then.  It makes me happy thinking about this show–so many good memories, so many good story lines.  1988-1993: those were truly the wonder years of my life…


~ by visionaryvanguard on Thursday, 2007 June 21.

3 Responses to “the wonder years…”

  1. my thoughts exactly!! if “I Love Lucy” and the rest of the 50s tv shows can be transformed onto a DVD collection why not the glory of The Wonder Years? I would sit on the couch and watch it and just be so nostalgic.

    ❤ Steph

  2. The reason why this show is not on DVD is, that it will cost the producers a lot to buy the rights of all the songs they have used on the show. At the time the show was made, DVD was not there so they didnt buy the DVD rights. The profit which might incur by selling DVDs will be less than the cost of all the music rights they need to purchase!!
    Which means that its vry difficult that we will ever see this wonderful show on DVD 😦

  3. hi people, i don’t think you need to be sad, you can download the whole series from the internet using torrents, its total about 19gb in size. do that , like me and have this wonderful series with you for ever… take care.

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