shannon’s lot…


Today at work I had the most interesting conversation with one of the guys (Freddie) who works in the hvac shop.  Freddie was recently promoted to “shop lead” and he told me an awesome story that brought me to tears.

Freddie told me that when he was 20 years old his dad presented him with two options–an ultimadium of sorts.  His dad told him that if he was going to waste his money on drinking, going out and spending his money frivilously that he had to move out and pay his own way in life or, instead he could spend his money wisely on property.  One day Freddie, his dad and a relator went out to look at some land.  The group walked up to a barbed-wire fence and the relator pointed out to a plot of land.  He said “Right about where that cow is standing…that’s the lot thats for sale.”  Freddie said that he wanted that land, not knowing if it was a good piece of property or not, and so his parents bought it.  Freddie paid his mom $100.00 a month to pay off the property and by the time he was 22 years old the lot was his and the land title was in his name. 

Not many months after Freddie became the sole owner of the property, he got married to his wife.  The two had only one child together, Shannon.  As the years went on, Freddies wife tried numerous times to convince him to sell the property.  Each time his wife brought up selling the lot, Freddies reply was, “No, thats Shannon’s lot.” 

Freddie said that Shannon grew up always hearing that hearing that he had a lot of land for her, but it never occured to her that it was really hers as Shannon never stepped foot on that land, never drove by it, and didn’t really care one way or another about the lot that he had bought so many years earlier. 

As time went on, Shannon went to high school and college.  She got good grades and excelled at sports.  Freddie said, “She made it so easy to be a parent.  She was a good kid and didn’t give me a lick of trouble the whole time.  Yes we had our ups and downs like any parent and child would, but for a majority of the time she obeyed and did everything we asked.”

Not long after Shannon graduated college Freddie said that she got engaged then wed her high school sweetheart.  When they came back from the honeymoom Freddie told me that Shannon and he had a heart to heart conversation.  She said, “Daddy, you know that lot that you bought before you met mom?  Is that really mine?”  “Yes,” Freddie said.  “Daddy, can you build a house for me and John to live in?”  “I sure can, my love.  I paid for this land and I said that it was yours.  It’s part of your inheritance.”

Is this not the coolest story ever.  When Freddie told me this I got all teary eyed.  I quickly finished up the conversation and went to my office and cried.  What I failed to tell you was that Freddie is a carpenter…like Jesus.  If you go back and really read over this story, you will see so many parallels to how Jesus paid a price for us so that we can have an everlasting inheritance.  The Lord spoke to me so clearly today through this conversation. 

This is yet another example of the Lord answering my prayer.  My prayer was “Lord, help me to see and hear You in every situation and in every conversation that I find myself in.  I want to perceive You in every moment, experience You in every moment.  I want to see Your glory.”  Sick huh…!?!?


~ by visionaryvanguard on Friday, 2007 June 22.

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