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 So I was building desks and shelves with some awesome men of God last night (Charlton, Victor and Carlos) in the youth building at my church.  They went to IKEA earlier that day and bought a bunch of stuff there to decorate and furnish their new offices.  We built two desks and two shelves…it was soo cool!  Now that I laid out the background, here’s where this blog story begins.  I was building these shelves with Carlos and he whipped out this box of tools that he had bought when we went IKEA on another trip last night to pick up some items that were left behind from the previous trip that day.  I mentioned that its so cool that IKEA sells the exact tools that you need to build anything that they sell.  The kit was cool too…it had a hammer, a screwdriver with several interchangeable tips, pliers, these ‘L’ shaped thingys (I’m not sure what they are called) and a tool that I now know is called an ‘Alan’ wrench.  Why do they call it an ‘Alan’ wrench…I have no idea. 

Anyways…we were talking about how there’s this kit (I forgot its’ name at the time) that has tools for girls.  What I mean by that is is that they are regular tools like a man’s tools, but with the feminine touch.  These things have cooshy handles, they are a pretty blue and gray color (none of that bold yellow and orange stuff) and they come in some pretty cool tool boxes too.  These things have everything!  I was telling Carlos how cool they are because they are made just for women…since sometimes a man just isn’t available at all times to fix things and not all women have took boxes with all the different tools in them.  We were talking about how its good for a woman to have tools too because sometimes men can be protective over their own…haha.  I’m not saying that all men are like that…just some.  Then we got to talking about how there should be some classes to teach women who want to learn about to fix things and how simple it can really be.  The class would cover topics like:  how to change your oil, how to change your tire, how to check the fluids in your car…simple things that sometimes are rarely known by women because they assume there will always be a man around to do it.  Don’t get me wrong…I love a man who can build things with his hands and fix things…I find that quite attractive.  But it’s my responsibility too to know how to do some things for myself.  Yes, I need a man who can fix things and build things, but what if he’s out of town or hanging out with his boys or even at a game and I need something done.  I want to be able to do it myself.  Ya feel?!

With all that being said, these ‘Barbara K’ tools and accessories are so genius…I wish I would have thought of them!  I just wanted to share with you…hopefully you’ll check these things out.  I want these for sure…maybe someone will buy them for me 😉  Here’s a website link for those who are interested in learning more:

**Carlos…I figured out this tool kits name since I couldn’t remember it for the life of me yesterday…haha…its the ‘Barbara K’ tool line and accessories.  Look at all the tools and stuff that comes with it!**

 Every girl needs a ‘Barbara K’  😉


~ by visionaryvanguard on Wednesday, 2007 June 27.

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