what would my heart say…


A friend of mine e-mailed me a question.  At first thought it was too difficult for me to answer.  In my head I immediately started comparing her answer to mine.  I thought that my answer would suck compared to hers–I mean this friend of mine is an awesome woman of God.  She too was posed with the same question that she gave me and here’s her question, followed by her response:

Many great men and women of God have “the Message” they think they were born to preach.  Joyce Meyer-Confidence, Myles Monroe-Kingdom, TD Jakes-Loosing your born identity, Creflo Dollar-Prosperity…the list goes on and on…  What do you think your hearts’ message would be.  If you could only preach on one subject for the rest of your life what would it be?

I would preach about “The Power of Letting Go.”  There is a power when you let go and let God be God.  Allowing him to be Redeemer, Avenger, Friend, Father, Restorer.  It stirs me up to see people set free in the area of control and see them released to a place where you can justride the wave and freely receive His blessing, prosperity, peace, adundance, security and grace.

How could I compete with that…right?!  At the very moment that that thought ran through my mind the Lord said, “Marissa, its not a competition.  Stop comparing yourself to others…you can see that it only discourages you.  You can see that it stops you from being you and being all that you can be…being what I created you to be.  Believe in yourself because I DO!  Believe in the gifts and passions that I have put inside you.  You are a one-of-a-kind vessel that has something unique to offer.  Without you, the world would be missing out.  Bring me glory and focus on that which I have placed within you.  Speak the word that is in you and share what I have put in your heart.”

Shoot!  His rebuke was that simple…that profound…that deep…that gentle…  What a mighty God I serve.  He set me straight and then released me to continue on my way…

In response the the question, answer was this:

I think my heart would say “The Power of His Word.”  There is something about His Word.  Whether written, heard or spoken, it is the thing–the glue some would say–that holds everything together.  His Word brings life.  His Word is true.  His Word is forever.  It is my passion to see others gain an understanding of His Word.  If one gains understanding of His Word, engless possibilities lay ahead of them.  If one receives His Word they will find that: it brings life to weary bones, food for the spirit, wisdom for the heart, knowledge for the brain, direction for the feet, honey for the lips, protection against the lies of the enemy, shelter from the storms of life, and understanding for the soul.

If there’s but one thing I know, its that His Word is the most precious thing that He has left me.  Without I am a lost and wandering transient in this world with no firm foundation to stand upon. 

Another lesson learned…


~ by visionaryvanguard on Thursday, 2007 June 28.

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