hoops and yoyo…


 Ok, ok, ok…

I am going to tell the truth and let you all know that I really stuck it to the man today and spent an hour of my time laughing at my desk.  My coworker, Tommy, probably thinks that I’m crazy, but these two guys are hilario…

I’m not sure if Hoops and YoYo are funny cause I’m cooped up in my office all day, or if it’s just their workplace jokes and randomness.  Man-o-man, these guys will surely get me through the long hours of hard work here at the j-o-b!

Check ’em out in your spare time.  These kats are too much.  Oh yeah, and another thing, make sure you have speakers so you can hear them, and if you don’t, make sure you get a set of head phones.

~ by visionaryvanguard on Wednesday, 2007 July 11.

3 Responses to “hoops and yoyo…”

  1. I love you Hoops and YoYo! Thank you for making Monday… well… bareable!! hahaha… Mariss – update my blog link on your page, it is jennguirand.wordpress.com


  2. so cute

  3. lol, u r so beat, and to think your a dude wow! Everybody knows albums get pushed back. I’d rather wait and get a supremely finished product rather than a rushed cd that’ll just waste my time and hard earned money. Just be patient and hopefully we’ll get beautifully finessed album as we all know Maxwell can bring us!

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