my sincerest dream apology: another person’s blog…

This was on a blog that I read today and I found it absolutely hilario (hilario…that should be a word that websters picks up and makes a real word…its just a shorter version of hilarious and it sounds way better).  Just wanted to spread the joy and laughter around…it has been one of those days for me…

PS…as of last night “ginormous” is now a real word…websters got my memo and made it REAL!

My Sincerest Dream Apology

Dear person that I kissed in my dream last night,

First of all, I am sorry for taking off like that. I really had a good time, but apparently I really needed to go load cargo onto ships, and apparently it could not wait, so I did have to leave without saying good-bye or thanks or that was pretty impressive. That’s not an excuse, I just wanted to prevent any hurt feelings.

Second, I don’t know why you vaporized like that, or better yet how you vaporized like that, but you have never done that when we have actually hung out. That’s quite a trick to keep a secret. Sure, other people have instantaneously morphed into completely different people, but as far as dream tricks go, yours was not bad.

Finally, when I see you next, I am not going to mention this. We both know this isn’t going anywhere, and it would probably be easier if we both just pretended that this never happened. However, if I ever have a break from loading cargo onto ships and you happen to be around, I can’t lie- this will probably happen again.

Your friend,



~ by visionaryvanguard on Wednesday, 2007 July 11.

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