Date:  18 July 2007

Time: 0950


IT’S RAINING OUTSIDE AND ITS SUMMER…what the crap is going on?!  I mean…I come to work and it’s dark outside still–the sun’s rays are barely visible over the eastern mountains and they are bouncing off the low clouds.  One of the few things I look forward to (other than making bank, surfing the net, blogging at work) is going outside around 930 to enjoy the sun and get reenergized. 

There’s something about the sun that gives me energy…I soak it up and then the moment is over.  I head back into this blue cube of a building and then into an even smaller box that I call my office.  The plans say that my office is only 85 sqft…sigh…and I’m in here for 8 hours everyday M-F. 

At least I have a job that pays me buku dinero and gives me my own office (even though its very small) with my own door.

~ by visionaryvanguard on Wednesday, 2007 July 18.

One Response to “raining…”

  1. be thankful for the buku dinero!! You know I heard on the radio this morning that in recorded history, it has never rained in San Jose on July 18th!! Can you say “GOD MUST BE UP TO SOMETHING!!”

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