tammy faye messner…faithful to the end…

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I found out this morning that Tammy Faye Messner passed away this weekend.  I never knew her per say, and in the 80’s I wasn’t old enough to understand what happened between her and Jim Bakker and that whole entire scandel.  That aside, I was sad to find out that she passed away and I sincerely cried this morning while reading about it in the news.  Her death has made me think and reflect on my own life…

I watched her interview on Larry King Live a few weeks ago while I was working out at the gym, and I was moved by the Holy Spirit.  Tammy Faye Messner battled colon cancer that had recently spread to her lung–leaving her at a meager 65lbs. towards the end of her life.  Despite doctors stopping treatment of the cancer and the pain that she was in, Tammy Faye did not give up.  Her faith and belief in our Lord remained in tact and she remained a faithfl child of the King who now basks in His presence.  I am certain the Lord received her with the words, “Well done, my good and faithful servant.”  Despite the controversy, trials and tribulations that Tammy Faye experienced throughout her life, she never gave up.  She hoped that she could be an inspiration to all.

Personally, although I never really followed the story of Tammy Faye Messner, she was an inspiration to me.  I saw her, a woman who was dying of colon and lung cancer, interview on Larry King Live and share Jesus with everyone.  Although her physical frame looked emaciated and frail, her spirit was alive and well.  Cancer took everything physically, but not her spirit.  She didn’t allow the devil punk her at all and she answered every question that Larry King with meekness and grace.  I saw Tammy Faye speak and proclaim the faithfulness of the Lord in her situation.  She praised and worshipped Him with every breath that she took, even until the end, and that’s what made me cry.  There she was, this 65lb. woman, who grabbed life and enjoyed every second, every minute, every hour for all that they were worth.  She did not live in fear of dying, but looked forward to the day that she would meet her creator, her heavenly Father, her Lord face to face.  She was a spitfire woman who has forever changed my life–and I never even met her.

Tammy Faye’s life will forever be a living testament to me that I should never give up and that I should use the life that the Lord has given me to exact change in this world.  Tammy Fyae may not be physically here on this earth, but she deposited something within my spirit that evening at the gym.  She had something that I never really knew I lacked until I saw her story on Larry King Live that night.  She has inspired me to draw closer to my Lord and to get lost in Him.  When I leave this earth, I want to deposit something into the lives of those I have known and those who I have never met much in the same way that Tammy Faye Messner did.  Her dream came true–I’m a living testament to that.


~ by visionaryvanguard on Monday, 2007 July 23.

2 Responses to “tammy faye messner…faithful to the end…”

  1. I’m only 23 years old, so I wasn’t even born when a lot of this stuff happened. If so, I was still a baby. But I watched her and learned of her ( more, rather),when she apperared on a season of the VH1 show The Surreal Life, and I found her to be a sincerely, warm,loving, and sweet-spirited woman. She was just so nice and nuturing,and when I heard that she was essentially dying of cancer, I was truly saddened and prayed for her recovery. I just finished reading her auto-biography, because I couldn’t and didn’t understand what the big scandal was supposed to be about in her life. I now, understand what happened, and I am even more saddened by what occured with her,Jim Bakker, and the whole PTL thing. I just want her to know, although, she is no longer with us (she’s in Heaven,no doubt)….that i believe every word that she said in her book. And if I was born then, or an adult during that time, I wouldn’t have believed any of bad stuff that people were saying…..I would have been on their side. May Tammy Faye Messner rest in peace. And I pray thta the Lord keeps Jim Bakker and their family and friends.

    Sincerely, Erika McGowan

  2. I never had much use for television evangelists. It seems the only thing they were interested in was money. When I first heard of the PTL problems my thoughts were not the best. But I only heard what was being spoon fed by the mdia. Then I saw that show that she did with a Gay actor (sorry don’t recall his name). I really enjoyed the show and I saw a different side to Tammy Faye I never saw before. She was a lovely person on the inside and on the outside. To me she was an example of what Christians shoulod be. I was disapointed when the show was taken off the air. There was a while before I thought about her. Time had gone by and I had come to the truth of who I was and that I was a Lesbian. Some of my life started to come together with that realzzation. I had cable and started watfching a channel called LOGo. I was surprised to see they had a program about Tammy Fae and her husband and all the grief her frellow “Christians had put together. When I saw that show I was angry that her Christians would treat her that way.

    I am pretty sure after that I saw a program that was about her son who had became a preacher of an unusual nature. His churches services were not held in beautiful cathedrils but in a bar. He was a fine man who I believe were doing the kind of ministry that Jesus would aprove of. That is when I found out that Tamaye had camcer. It was a terible blow because over the years I had become quite fond of her, a fondess that remains even after her passing.

    I have such a respect for this woman, no matter what happened she just kept going strong. The more bad things happened to her the stronger she held to her faith. Although in our religious lives we would be considered oposits. Even the day she left the home she loved she was singing about her faith in the Lord. Today as I sit here and write this I believe she is one of a kind. There will never be such a wonderful Christian woman. When I watched the show about what happend though the years I found her testimony quite impressive.

    Even though she has passed away ther is one thing that would realy be the one thing I wish had been accomplished while she was
    she was still alive. I wish she could have brought back to life was Herritage USA. That place meant alt to her. I remember her walking around her ghost town like lost child. If oly all the churches could get together to rejuvinate and open the doors to the people so laughter would ring out once again. I would change the name because it would need to be a new start. I know she wouldl have hated to call it by her name. Herritage USA was a dream of hers and to not have her name somewhere in the name would be wronng. Maybe something like Tammy’s faith team. For some reason it reminds me of the movie Field of Dreams. Well this would be Tammy Faye’s field of dreams. I truly believe if you build it they will come. I know it would mean so much to her children who loved her so. I don’t think the people who were responsible for tearing it down could ever see what the vision was when they started to build it. It was a place that Christian famlies could bring their families and they did not need to worry about what they would see or hear.

    I have been going through my own trial by fire and only found out about her passing until today. That woman was a tower of faith. I just wish someone cou*ld rejuvinate that place as a testimoney of a woman that no matter what happened to her she held o to her faith. I think someone could speak for her and in that way she will live on for people to see what an amazing woman she was. Not only was she so strong she never in her faith she did not bring herself to do the same to her. She could have gotten on the air or in print and had plenty to say about the people who have hurt her family and taken away the things she and her husband started ground ground breaking enterprises. The was so many things they were the first to do bring to life so many things that became successful to have it taken away because they had financial problems. You can name what they started. The 700 club, the Praise the Lord club and Heritage USA. They took over almost everything. they had a way of tricking people. And Heritage USA, they let it go to seed. People who loved her and still love her should come together and bring Heritage back to life like Jesus brought Lazarus to life. Sorry my spellling is attrocious but I just had to say no matter how old the thread is. Tammy Faye had a faith that would not die. I think having this place comming to life could help peole faith comming back to life as long as it would be kept at a low enouogh price for the typical middle class, workig class could go. They could have their Faith brought back to life. Isn’t that what is really important.

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