$1.00 for you, $1.00 for me…

Imagine 2 different people with 2 different problems…these 2 people are Renee and I to be quite honest…

Renee has a problem with directions.  Although she has lived in San Jose for practically her whole entire life, she still has problems getting around.  I can’t tell you about the countless times I’ve talked to her on the celly and out of the blue I hear these words: “What the junkie pants…?  Wait, which way am I going…?”

On the other hand, I myself have a problem, but mine is remembering conversations that I have had in the past.  It has been said that I misconstrue facts and sometimes forget about them completely when referencing them while talking to people–Renee in particular.

Both Renee and I came to the conclusion that we need to work on our problems…we have both inspiration and motivation as our guide along the way.

Our Inspiration:  All the people in the world who suffer from issues and problems (diagnosed or not) like ours.  Whether it’s a clinical issue or just a laziness and aloofness issue, we care about this demographic of people.  “Why?” you may ask…because we seem to be apart of this demographic and we’re trying to get out…hahah.

Our Motivation:  We give $1.00 to the other persons charity of choice every time we get lost or forget something said by someone in a conversation.  For example:  Let’s say, hypothetically, that Renee gets lost going to Shy’s house (of all places to get lost going to).  If I am on the phone with her and she bursts our randomly that she doesn’t know where she is going…I call her on it and I tally $1.00 for my charity…and vice versa if I forget something that Renee mentioned to me and I forgot.  This was all Renee’s idea…and I think its genious!!!

Now, you may know Renee and I and you are probably thinking, “How are they going to do this…they arn’t ballerz like most celebs are today.”  You are both right and wrong.  Although we like to call ourselves celebrities, we are not the kind that are rich as of yet.  But oh-contrar-monfrare…we will be rich enough soon, and when that happens, BAM!  I anticipate our charities getting pretty hefty checks from the both of us.

To Renee:  Tell me if I have my facts straight…add on in a comment if I’ve forgotten or missed anything….hahahah!

~ by visionaryvanguard on Thursday, 2007 July 26.

One Response to “$1.00 for you, $1.00 for me…”

  1. Ok you forgot that my charity is junky pants.com- a charity for homeless people that needs paaaaaaaaants

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