sonic conversations really do happen like that…

Melissa, Cristeena and I went to Sonic Burger yesterday for lunch/dinner.  We were totally going to go to have a late lunch, but by the time we got there it was around dinnertime…so you could say that we had an early dinner…linner…lunder…call it whatever you want…


Now if you know anything about Sonic Burger, you know that you eat in your car.  I’m not sure if you have ever watched the Sonic commercials, but they are funny.  There is a dashboard cam just recording the strange and random conversation of friends as they eat in the car.  Well, those commercials are probably staged to a certain extent, but I believe that they are based off actual events.  Whoever made those commercials should have been there yesterday…just read some of the quotes and conversation below:

Marissa:  It’s not the juice and the juiciness, it’s the ice.  (speaking in reference to why the Sonic Slush gives you brain freeze so quickly…why did I say that comment with a straight face like I actually had something revolutionary and important to say?!)

Cristeena:  It’s so hard to stop drinking this Sonic Slush even though it is doing me bodily harm.  I can’t stop going back to it even though it hurts me every time.  (speaking in reference to the Sonic Slush brain freeze)

Melissa:  Man, if only In-N-Out burger had Tots…they would be the best burger place around.  (speaking in reference to the Sonic Tots…they are the best in the world!)

Other quotes from our day journey…

Melissa:  That’s super kadooper!

Marissa:  I think I figured out how to drink and entire Sonic Slush guys!  The key is to drink it and then breath deep.  You have to get some warm air into your system so it heats up your throat and digestive system.

Marissa:  Did you know that brain freeze is really heart freeze?

Melissa:  It’s like the Sonic Slush sits in the back of your throat and freezes it.  Why is this the only drink that does that?!

Cristeena:  So you’re practically drinking ‘fruit soup.’ (in reference to the Strawberry-Banana smoothe that Melissa ordered)


~ by visionaryvanguard on Friday, 2007 July 27.

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