colour your world 2007…

I’m sitting here crying at my desk right now.  These tears aren’t ones of sadness, but rather they are tears of joy, hope and expectation.  I went to the Hillsong website while doing some research for our Intimate 2007 Conference.  Although I could not see the video clips of the Colour Your World 2007 Conference, I could look at the pictures that they took.  I started crying because I knew within myself that something this big–something this grand–will one day happen at Jubilee.  The pictures below speak a thousand words…they took my breath away and placed within me an expectation for only the best.  Although Intimate 2007 may start off with humble beginnings, it will grow and become one of the premier women’s conferences in our nation and in the world…In the name of Jesus!

* I would have to say that my favorite pic is the one of the woman worshipping in the red dress*


~ by visionaryvanguard on Monday, 2007 July 30.

One Response to “colour your world 2007…”

  1. OOH Lisa Bevere!! NICE!! I like the woman worshiping in blue!! So good – AMEN!!! BIG THINGS!!

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