what’s in a name…

I had a dream not too long ago that I had two sons.  One named “Silas Alexander” and the second named “Shane Amadeus”…they were twins.  I looked up what the meaning of the names were:

Silas-of the woods or forest
Alexander-defender and protector of man

Shane-God is gracious
Amadeus-beloved of God/God-lover

Of course, this was just a dream…if you know me I don’t have kids yet…I’m not even married.  But one day I will be married and have kids.  I want both girls and boys, but it seems that the names of at least 2 of my boys have already been chosen.  I’m absolutely in love with these names and I’m sure my future husband will understand 😉

While I’m at it, other names that I have thought about and I like are:  Mailani Rose, Sebastian Arthur, Trinity Grace…If you can’t tell by now, I have the desire to have a large family!


~ by visionaryvanguard on Friday, 2007 August 3.

One Response to “what’s in a name…”

  1. SO – I love the idea of you marrying a band member and traveling the world with me!! The names are great… I promise not to take Silas – although I LOVE it and I had better be his FAVORITE auntie!!

    I did not know that you had dreamt those names, I thought you made them up – but that is awesome!! Thanks for all the love on my blogs :O) And I know you didn’t ask – but Sebastian?? Really?? It makes me think “Under the yahm” hahah

    Love you friend! xoxoxo

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