october 6th is the day…

The date is set!  6 October 2007…9am.

This is the day that my hair will change forever.  I will be getting it permanently straightened through the YUKO Japanese Hair Straightening Method…aka Thermal Reconditioning.  yukologo.jpgThis revamping is by no means cheap, but I know it will totally be worth it.  I’m excited for change to come.  I’ll be getting a lot done and I should be there all day. 

Stay tuned folks…change is coming…coming in a good way too.  Who knows…this could be the beginning of something great, something new, something amazing. 

6 October 2007 is the set date…it could be earlier if I get the scrill together before then though.  Donations will be gladly accepted…hahah!


~ by visionaryvanguard on Wednesday, 2007 August 8.

One Response to “october 6th is the day…”

  1. YAY!!! I am stinkin excited about this new endeavor!!! You know I used the word “scrilla” in my offering message on Sunday – OMG – who is the ghetto white girl they gave a microphone too?!?!

    Anyways – I cannot wait to see this transformation!!

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