spiders, please be advised…

So I’m in my office and I see this thing out of the corner of my eye–it was a spider.  He was walking quickly down my wall right next to one of my framed pictures that was hanging.  I turned my head quickly to face the spider head on and at that moment he froze.  Now I don’t know anything about spiders, but I think this one knew that I was looking at him.  He was motionless on the wall and I think he was trying to blend in…but here’s the thing…this particular spider, I named him Tony, was white (well beigeish) and my walls are a stark white color.  He didn’t do a very good job of blending in because I could still see him.  Anyways, Tony wasn’t the first spider that I had seen in my office…there were others…smaller blackish brown ones and even baby white ones…

Needless to say while Tony and I were having a standoff of who could stay still the longest, I managed to reach for one of my sandals and proceeded to quickly and swiftly put a painless end to Tony’s life–well I’m not so sure about the painless part.  I slammed my sandal against the wall and kept it there for a few seconds to make sure he was dead. 

And so Tony’s life came to an abrupt and unexpected end…I’m almost positive he never saw it coming.  But you know, I decided to leave him on my wall for the time being as a memorial…NO…better yet as a warning to all other spiders out there that think they can take up residence in my office…

so spiders, please be advised…


*now if only spiders could read and understand english…but I think this picture speaks a thousand words…*


~ by visionaryvanguard on Tuesday, 2007 August 14.

3 Responses to “spiders, please be advised…”

  1. thats grody- you know I read this while eating lunch

  2. =) haha I like your picture

  3. NO MERCY!

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