simmons beautyrest black: exquisite luxury firm super pillow top…

It’s a long name…but my goodness is it worth it.  I’m buying a new bed today.  It’s gonna be a Cali. King and I’m looking forward to sleeping on it tomorrow night. 

In a conversation with Renee we had a discussion about new beds and how much to spend on a new bed.  Renee expressed that she wouldn’t want to spend too much on a bed because when she gets married she wants to get a new bed.  I told her:  “Awww…not for me.  I’m getting a new bed and gonna spend some dinero on it too.  When I get married me and my husband will have to decide whos bed is better to sleep on.  I’m almost sure that mine will win.  So we’ll end up using mine and using his as a guest bed for the guest room.  Problem solved.  I win!  😉 .”

Check out the pic and the specs…


Support: Advanced Pocketed CoilTM springs
Exclusive three-strand design provides unsurpassed motion separation while conforming to the unique shape of your body

True foam edge
High-density foam encased seating edge provides enhanced support and durability

Comfort: Luxury, firm, super pillow top comfort option

Fine fabrics
Modal yarn blended with breathable Cashmere, plus a layer of wool for added comfort

Added Features: Box metal corner guards

10-year warranty

Memory Foam and Natural Latex

OHHHHH YEAH!  I’m gonna sleep like a champ.  I’m already a napping professional…man…I really anticipate this bed bringing my professional game to a whole other level.


~ by visionaryvanguard on Friday, 2007 August 17.

2 Responses to “simmons beautyrest black: exquisite luxury firm super pillow top…”

  1. niiiice Mariss!

  2. i am sewing comments… so please check out and do the same :O)

    I love your bed… wanna trade?? C’mon… Just trade!! Give and it shall be given unto you, in good measure, pressed down shaken together and running over. Remember that… okay! let me know when I can come pick it up!


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