what would you say…

Ok, so I found this picture online and I thought it was hilario!  A little background on this picture…


The sheep above took it upon himself 7-8 years ago to let himself out of his holding pen and escaped alone–his owner searched for him, did not find him, and left him for dead in the wilderness.  (I mean really…what kind of sheep survives in the wilderness alone?)  Well, as fate would have it 7-8 years later and as the shepherd was out tending to his growing flock he saw in the distance a moving ball of dirty whiteness.  Curious as to what exactly he was seeing he ventured closer and realized that it was in fact a sheep.  Remembering that he once had a sheep that ran away, but knowing that it was a long shot at best that this in-fact could be his sheep, he called it.  Well wouldn’t you know, this sheep responded to the voice of his shepherd (a sheep always remembers the voice of his shepherd) and followed him home.  Upon arriving home this shepherd proceeded to clean up his lost sheep, sheer him of his excess wool and returned him (freshly sheered) to his flock.

Lessons I have learned from this:

  1. Never give up hope on a lost sheep.

  2. Even if it’s a long shot, if you think you may see your sheep that could be the one that was lost, call it and perhaps it will follow you back home.

  3. Even though this sheep decided to venture out on his own, the Lord took care of him, protected him from all harm (even death).

  4. A sheep left to his own for several years will look rough when it comes back—even to the point of being unrecognizable.

  5. A shepherds will always take back a lost sheep, sheer it of its excess wool, clean it, and return it to his fold as if had never left

Any comments?


~ by visionaryvanguard on Tuesday, 2007 October 16.

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