watch asoka…

Film:               Asoka (2001)

Director:        Santosh Sican

Genre:            Drama/Action/Romance

Language:     Hindi (with English subtitles)

Actors:           Shahrukh Kham                Asoka                       

                          Kareena Kapoor                 Kaurwaki

Tagline:         Only the dead see the end of war…


Plot:                Asoka, the emperor of the Mauryan dynasty between 274 and 232 B.C., was famed for having unified much of modern-day India and for raising Buddhism from obscurity to the ranks of a world religion. Early in his life, as Emperor of the region of Magadha, he waged a brutal campaign against the neighboring fiefdom of Challenge, leaving the land bloody and ravaged. The war paid a toll on the young king; having realized the full horror that he wrought, Asoka renounced violence and turned to the spiritual sanctuary of Buddhism. 

My take:        Yes, I saw this movie and I thought it was great.  I originally picked up this movie in blockbuster because I was looking for something new and it looked to be a great war epic movie.  Of course, it was made fun of by some friends of mine because I picked up a movie that came straight from Bollywood, but I didn’t care…I thought themovie was pretty good (obviously because I’ve seen it twice already on two different occasions…in fact, I think the first time I watched it I was at Renee’s…heheh). I give this movie 4 stars…plus…it was my first ever Bollywood film that I watched.  Expand your horizons and get into watching some foreign films…many of them are pretty good 😉


~ by visionaryvanguard on Friday, 2007 October 26.

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