$3,150.00 or $3,500.00…

I had a dream last night that I received a check in the amount of either $3,150.00 or $3,500.00…

I would like to believe that the check was for the greater amount, but I do not remember.  This is what I do know…this person gave me an envelope that was red and told me to open it.  They told me that I would “be pleasantly surprised.” 


Apparently the check was payback for something that I had been giving money too, and it ended up being too much…so in essence is was a refund check of some sort. 

That’s all I remember about my dream, so if there are any people who have been given the gift of “dream interpretation” let me know whats up…


~ by visionaryvanguard on Tuesday, 2007 October 30.

3 Responses to “$3,150.00 or $3,500.00…”

  1. I do not have that gift. Sorry. However, I did want to comment that I like your new headline picture, with the butterfly. Very nice!

    Can you dream about me getting some money tonight? Thanks!

  2. Jenn has lost her mind…and I will say that I like money too..so more or less share with others!

  3. Well i’m not a Daniel, but i do know that for some reason God has blessed you with a ridiculous amount of money, so from my findings it means to put it towards your ridiculous high tithe envelope!!

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