two thumbs up: mei garden restaurant…

If you’re ever in Santa Cruz and are looking for some good Chinese Food, head to Mei Garden Restaurant.  Their beef and broccoli melt in your mouth and aren’t tough and chewy like other Chinese places. 


Side note:  I went to Mei Garden last Saturday to pick up some dinner before I headed home.  I didn’t want to eat there by myself so I decided to order to go.  When I came back in to pick up my food I asked if there were napkins in the bag.  When the hostess grabbed some napkins she also asked me if I needed utensils and asked if I needed one set or two.  Naturally I said, “one set” but then I had a really sad single moment all to myself…it was a split second but I got really emotional and sad.  Not normally I do not have very many ‘single moments’ and on this rare occasion it was particularly painful…even though I know the hostess was not aware of how she made me feel in those few moments of time.  Nevertheless, in my state of single awareness, I changed my story and said, “you know, you’re right, I do need two sets.”  Man…I lied so that I didn’t look like I was all alone and didn’t have a boyfriend.  It was so sad.  All 23 years of my life I have never had a boyfriend and I just had to let you know that even girls who are perfectly fine with being single have moments like these. 


~ by visionaryvanguard on Tuesday, 2007 October 30.

2 Responses to “two thumbs up: mei garden restaurant…”

  1. Aw Mariss… this is a sweet story! As a person who has practically NEVER been single… soak up these moments. You will spend FAR MORE days of your life as a “couple” than you will as a single. You’re awesomely fabulous!

  2. Hey don’t worry about the lying part…i don’t see it as lying, i see it as you declaring in faith that it won’t be “one set” for long. I know what its like to have “one set” and i’ve even eaten somewhere by myself, which isn’t so bad…a little awkward, but not so bad…I love Chinese food, and hate santa cruz, so one day you can do the driving and we’ll go have some grub!!

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