crying over a white onion…

If there is any advice that I could give someone who is cutting white onions…its to use not do it at all…even if you use a pampered chef dicing cutting thingy.

Perhaps there is a remedy for the watering eyes after the fumes of the white onion hit your eyes, but it all must be procured and completed before the actual chopping takes place.  I have been told that the cure is lemon juice. 

Here’s my short story about crying over a white onion…


Last night I had to chop onions for work (we all chipped in on bringing something for tostadas at lunch time) and my lot was tomatoes.  Somehow my mom talked me into taking part of her lot (onions) because I told her that I had a pampered chef dicing cutting thingy (sorry but I don’t know the name).  I thought it was no big deal and she had no qualms about me cutting the onions…but woah nellie…my eyes were burning about 10 seconds after the first slice and they didn’t stop watering for an hour.

Right after I cut the onion the first time, Jenn and D suggested that I should put lemon juice on the cutting board…but it was too late…and I paid a hefty price.  Most people would say ‘se la vi’ but I say…yeah, that’s life but I wouldn’t wish that burning sensation on anyone…even my worst enemy if I had one.

Life lesson #15,421,987:  Never cut white onions without first putting lemon juice on the cutting board to neutralize the chemical reaction of the onion juices/fumes.


~ by visionaryvanguard on Friday, 2007 November 2.

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