last night…

Last night on the way home from my moms house I saw an angel…a real life angel.  I was on 85 heading north when I saw an angel on the side of the freeway behind the sound wall…he was standing next to the light post that lights up the freeway.  He was as tall as the light post, if not a little taller.


This was the first time I had seen an angel in real life…the other time I had seen an angel was in my dreams a few years ago.  The angel in my dreams was no where near the height of the angel off of 85.  The angel in my dreams was probably 8 feet tall while the angel on 85 was probably 60-70 feet tall.

If you want to know about how big that is, just go and stand next to a street light (not the traffic light)–but the one that glows orange or yellow on the side of the street, and look up.  You will kind-of get the feel for how big he really was.  He looked just like a human (in the sense that his body was extremely similar to that of a human) but had his wings tucked back…he was just standing there!

I do not know the exact purpose of me seeing this angel, and I don’t even know if it was “my” angel or just one that was just chillin on the side of the freeway.  All I know are these few things:  He was that he was huge, when I saw him he took my breath away, I could not see his face because of the light, I felt a fear come over me (not the kind when you are scared because of the enemy or anything like that), but rather a fear like the kind that I am sure those who saw angels in the bible felt when they were confronted face to face with one…check it out in the bible…the first things the angels say is, “fear not” to those whom they have been sent to or appeared to.  I was so in awe and shocked that I shook the rest of the way home, all the while crying and talking to Renee on the phone.

I woke up this morning thinking to myself, “did that really happen?!” and Renee reminded me that it really did happen.  She said that she could hear it in my voice last night–confirming that it did happen.

Was this prophetic, I’m not sure.  I don’t know his name and I don’t know what his purpose is for in my life–but whatever it is, I’m glad he’s in my life cause I know he can take care of me and protect me for sure!!  I wish I was able to take a picture, but it all happened so fast and before I knew it, he was gone.  I want to see him again and actually have a longer time to see him…I think that would be pretty cool.


~ by visionaryvanguard on Monday, 2007 November 5.

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  1. Funny thing about angels..they don’t photograph well. When I first met Jesus..The Christ we love and serve steadfastly…I mean in His Ressurected Glory,gaping holes and brilliant golden light emanating off His radiant face and form…I was so blown away that I didnt even realize that I had my eyes closed. He also spoke to me about never needing to fear,while stroking my forehead.Suddenly I opened my eyes and all that I could see was this tremendous golden light,so comforting and pulsing with pure love…and He said to me knowingly…no you cannot see them with your physical eyes,but with your spiritual eyes only( He had to coax me to stop staring at His face,straining as I was to see His features as clearly as possible…He wanted to show me my angels too)…so of course I quickly closed my eyes again and wow!!!clear as could be I could see everything in the room as before,but 360 degrees!!wow…warrior angels are so amazing,their wings,their raiment ,their countenance…so noble,majestic and determined.I praise God for you sister that your spiritual eyes are open to see what relatively few are given the honor to see. I have a handful of great stories of when I have seen the angels that are assigned to me…An interesting note and I will probably be blogging on such things in more detail soon (this is my first day on wordpress)But angels rarely give their names..they prefer taking a very low profile in the whole scheme of things…has to do in part with the way so many of the fallen angels/decievers have been using the names of the true ones to decieve the very elect. Seems they are on a bit of a speaking fast as well… Spirit -filled believers do not need an intermediary between them and God,we have this in Jesus,who could ask for more?thanks for sharing…and BTW that one you saw…He’s definately one assigned to you….they do not simply hang out where you can see them without a purpose. The first time an angel showed up to rescue me was to save me from a very evil man who wanted to kill me ,At only 14 , I did not know very much about the things of God’s kingdom… Let alone have areal relationship with Jesus.God sees us as we will be always and He knows how to protect those who will make a difference.I am 50 now ( and still eagerly learning). First really clear time Jesus showed up in person I was 22. Sometimes people have told me that they had an angelic encounter right after meeting me/speaking with me about the things of God…I know,strange huh? But bottom line when we are allowed to see with such clarity…to whom much is given ,much is expected.Get ready to be called out of your comfort zones, my friend..but no’ll love it, I know you have been preparing. Abundance of joy be thine. In these end times Gods people do not need to worry if they will be brave enough to withstand…when we are surrendered,willing and obediant,He throws the courage in as a fringe benefit. However He oftimes takes us on trial runs ,to give us the fuller picture of what He is intending to do…His plan vs. mans commentaries..startling but awesome….Rejoice He has truly overcome the world!

  2. that is awesome … i am a little jealous… i want to see an angel…

  3. I want you to see those that are encamped about you too,sweetheart! It’s one thing to walk in the Spirit of the Living God surrounded by all of those of like mind supporting you, in the warmth and safety of a training facility..and another thing entirely to be sent out into the dangerous unknown as part of an intricately correographed,mysteriously strategic dance of surrendered obediance,as a lamb to the slaughter…with all of the power of heaven backing you every step of the way. This is where the proverbial rubber meets the road,highways and byways and that Heavenly Highway we walk upon, when I was your age I used to imagine it as aplace between heaven and earth in the sense where it hovered above us like a rainbow only without touching down on the earth… no my darling it runs so very low right through hell (on earth) surely does…if we are crucified with Him ,we go where He needs us the most…didn’t He say follow Me? Well where did He go 1st when they laid Him in the tomb? Why, to those who were in captivity, to those who were dead! They had not had the chance to hear the truth and so He delivered it to them in person….plenty of the living dead out there in the world…and if we don’t love them enough to give up our dreams of a huge ministry (where everyone stands around comparing gifts and prophetic words,filled with the bursting with head knowledge with out actually walking out the great commission in a relatively preportionate(sp?)way,) we become out of balance and they perish. Just planting seed,little one. I never sought the power…no i was more interested in learning to walk in divine love(agape) consistantly like Jesus…focused on listening and learning from Him…oh yes, I fed off the logos like a hummingbird too…did you know that that they eat 50-60 times a day? how I loved fellowshipping with the body of Christ! Then God soveriegnly delivered me from what He called a religious spirit,a judgemental spirit..He used those two names together.After that everywhere I went..and He sent me and my little ones all across the nation in what He calls our ‘fishhook of faith ‘journey,where I was slandered and maligned,treated suspiciously as an enemy,accused of being a witch and cast out,all by the religiously bound leaders… I am waiting to be released to share all that was done on that journey 94-95,but have not ceased to pray for all of those as they knew not what they were doing. When I returned to Taos,New Mexico 13,000mi and 6 mos later,there was a huge sign in the heavens,letters thousands of feet high and bold as could be unmistakable,noticed by the sister who was driving,I had my nose in the bible,”look! look!she cried it’s your initials written in the sky! across the horizon! G M S! wow! maybe God is saying welcome home! Do you think He did that to cheer you up after the way they treated you in Toronto?” and do you know that that sign stayed hovering over the horizon long after the sun had set.In the twilight/royal blue there it still was when later that evening we went outside because my (till he came to his senses),I totally got why the G had been stretched a bit…however the other letters were still exactly the same…fringe benefits…large shows of favor and encouragement and painful’s all package deal.Gotta embrace the suffering and get really good at forgiving folks,cause in all we do for the kingdom we must carry them all in our hearts with us that they might be partakers in the work we do ..even if they hate us now…Intercession that moves in action and not just word is the most effective…for instance if Jesus had only prayed about going to the cross and never actually went through is what we go through that empowers us,or I should probably say is what activates the real power from heaven…we are given as much authority as we are willing/able to use.Ever notice how folks will pray and pray but you can tell there is little if no power? or maybe there is this cool feeling that people have come to equate with the annointing,yet there is no actual evidence of lasting impact or change? and people keep talking about A GREAT MOVE OF GOD COMING!,may I be so bold as to ask ..since when did He stop moving in power….He doesn’t let up…we drift away of somehow focus on our own ideas of God’s will…any way I have never mastered the art of the sound bite,But when He drops it in I feel like I’d be cheating you not to pour it all out,every drop. when He says stop…I do. training remember? may you continue to be blessed by what the Lord has given me…as He said I was doing it for you. sometimes He said I was doing it so that you wouldn’t have to that I could absorb most of the danger and if you recieved me/and what I have to share, as you have recieved Him who sent me…well it is the same concept that applies when scores of bad murderous foes who are even paid to kill you , stop you at any cost,yep pretty intense, are not allowed to even get near you unless they are still redeemable…ever have a hitman break down blubbering that ‘I can’t kill you,I can’t kill you’,I know! can you believe it or another begin confessing all his sins and woes, trust me mercy triumphs and compassion like that of the risen savior makes it so that you get to hear Him say…i died so that you could live through whaTEVER

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