the sandwich maker…

Another desire of mine came true this weekend…I saw my idea and invention come to life (although I never patented it or drew an example…it was just in my head the whole time).  Safeway invented the touch screen sandwich maker.  It was totally awesome!  You just touch the screen and you can make whatever sandwich you want with whatever toppings and cheeses and meats and breads.  When I saw it, it was like one of those moments when you hear the choir sing “ahhhhhh”…like you see in the movies when someone sees something they really want…you know the ones when the camera focuses on it and there’s a frosty outline to the object and it sparkles and a light shines above it…kinda like a sign from God. 


It was too good to be true…but you know what?!  IT WAS TRUE.  Everyone at least once in their life needs to experience ‘the sandwich maker.’  You can even pay for your sandwich right there cause it has the VISA/ATM thingy too.

As a sandwich connoisseur I give ‘the sandwich maker’ two thumbs WAY UP and 5 stars.  Try it today at the Rivermark Safeway on Montague Expy, between 1st st and Highway 101.



~ by visionaryvanguard on Monday, 2007 November 5.

One Response to “the sandwich maker…”


    I may go there for lunch today! Great Scott – this is genious!

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