tiny deer or 2 chihuahua’s…?


Preface to the explanation of this pic:  So Renee took me to dim-sum on Saturday morning at this place right off of 880 and 237.  It’s the place that I see every-time I head out to Union City or am coming home from church.  This place (I forget the name) always filled with people and the restaurant is on the second floor.  It always looks like the people inside are having fun and having a party.  Every-time I would drive by I would think to myself, “self, you are going to go and discover that place someday.”  Well, on Saturday Renee took me there and it was so cool.

At first the hostess was going to seat us at the front of the restaurant, but Renee, knowing my great desire to sit by the windows asked if we could sit in the back.  The hostess sat us at a table in the back by the window, so then I too could look like one of the people in the restaurant that was having fun and eating as all the passers-by looked in. 

A lot of the things that I have had on my “TO DO LIST” have been happening.  It all started with seeing Matt Barnes in person, and then I got to go to the restaurant where it looks like there’s a party and people are having a good time all the time. 

What’s next?!

But anyways, with all of that being said you are probably wondering why I posted this pic.  Well, when Renee and I left the restaurant I saw this sign above one of the Chinese restaurants…and well…I couldn’t tell what kind of animal this was.So, here’s my strange picture of the weekend.  What do you think it is…tiny deer or 2 Chihuahua’s?  Man…whatever they are…they look so happy 😉


~ by visionaryvanguard on Monday, 2007 November 5.

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