wisdom and understanding…

05 Nov 2007 Scripture:  Job 28:20&28

“Where then does wisdom come from?  Where does understanding dwell?  And He said to man, ‘The fear of the Lord—that is wisdom, and to shun evil is understanding.’ “


Some people think that wisdom and understanding come from age and from living life.  My bible tells me that wisdom comes through the fear of the Lord and understanding from shunning that which is evil.  It’s as simple as that, folks.


Sometimes I think that the things of the Lord are difficult to understand because I think that they are too mind blowing…but not so.  The goal of the Lord is not to confuse us with vague speech and in dark (without a lot of light) sayings…NO.  The Lord has very succinctly and strategically shown us His will.  He desires for us to dwell in understanding and to obtain wisdom–yes, even to the level that King Solomon had.  All we, as our Father’s children, need to do is to be open to learning and to always know that the Lord our God is in everything.  Fearing the Lord does not mean that we cower in His presence as if He were going to strike us down…NO.  Fearing the Lord means to have such a holy reverence for Him that we would do nothing to offend Him or blaspheme Him.  Fearing the Lord means always having an awareness of His presence around the world and even within our own lives–He is so personal like that 😉  We gain wisdom by fearing the Lord and we obtain understanding through denying anything that would be contrary to our God.


Lord, please help me to become more aware of You.  I want more of Your wisdom and more of Your understanding.  I never want to stop learning about You and both how Your kingdom operates and how I am to operate within it.  You are sooooooooooooooo awesome that I cannot contain it all–although I try my hardest and sometimes I think that I may even look like Hiro Nakamura to You… especially when he’s concentrating on stopping time or transporting himself through time. 


Thank You for loving me.  I love You!


~ by visionaryvanguard on Monday, 2007 November 5.

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