old school tv show tribute of the day 2…

Mork and Mindy…”Nanu Nanu”


Let’s be real guys…for those of you around my age you have to remember this show!  Honestly though, who really thinks of traveling through space in an egg?  Apparently it’s the only way to fly and if you try to break it by pressing the top and the bottom it’s impossible…so in essence…perhaps the trip was pretty safe.  HAHA.  Cheers to you Mork and Mindy!



~ by visionaryvanguard on Tuesday, 2007 November 6.

2 Responses to “old school tv show tribute of the day 2…”

  1. A True nanu fan would know that Mork came from ork and not an egg. Their son born in the second to last season was hatched out of an egg…I LOVED THIS SHOW!

  2. I never watched Mork and Mindy … sorry friend … before my time. Maybe just a year before my time, but just the same. Mork what?

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