speak now, the people are waiting…

07 Nov 2007 Scripture:  Job 32:6-9

So Elihu son of Barakel the Buzite said:
       “I am young in years,
       and you are old;
       that is why I was fearful,
       not daring to tell you what I know.

 I thought, ‘Age should speak;
       advanced years should teach wisdom.’

 But it is the spirit in a man,
       the breath of the Almighty, that gives him understanding.

 It is not only the old who are wise,
       not only the aged who understand what is right…”


Here’s a kid who was brought up right–taught to respect his elders, to honor and revere those who were older than him…knowing that they had life experience and wisdom to share.  I’m sure that Elihu was a young man who had a quick learning curve and soaked in everything that he could from the elders of his town who disseminated wisdom and understanding.  I think here we can see that perhaps Elihu thought that what he had to say was irrelevant because he did not have as much wisdom and understanding because of his age.  With the utmost respect and reverence, Elihu came forward and spoke to those who were younger than he, giving careful thought and consideration to both place and time as seen in this Scripture passage:  “Now Elihu had waited before speaking to Job because they were older than he.” 


Until very recently I had been like Elihu.  I have pretty much always been the youngest in my group of friends and family.  I was brought up to respect and honor my elders (anyone who is older than myself).  I have always been someone who loves to sit and learn from people–to hear their life stories and soak up everything that they could teach me.  Until about a month ago I was someone who enjoyed sitting in the background, allowing other people to come forward and speak and share what they knew.  But let me tell you what was really going on.  Although I obtained a lot of wisdom from people, from books, from the Lord, I, like Elihu, thought that what I had to say was not of great importance. 


There is an insecurity that I have…one that my closest friends know of–it is hard for me to articulate in words what it is that I am thinking in my head.  I do not fear public speaking, but rather many times I cannot think of the words that I am trying to say and it frustrates me to no end that it is difficult for me to convey my words and feelings to others…and because of this I have become very comfortable just listening to other people speak.  But you know what?!  The Lord does not let His children sit on the sidelines for too long before He tells them to get up and get moving.  I was kicked out of my comfort zone by the Lord and now He has told me to speak.  I’m not going to lie when I say that it was very uncomfortable at first, but I would rather step out in faith knowing that my God has sent me than not do anything at all.  I find that the more I speak the more I hear from God on what to say next.  I realized that it’s not about me and the great words that are in my vocabulary, but rather it is about the Spirit of the Lord speaking through me.  To this day I still respect those in authority, my elders, but I do share my thoughts and ideas with them.  The Lord has revealed to me that I have a lot of valuable information, wisdom and knowledge to share and that if I don’t, those around me like friends and family are going to miss out on the word of the Lord–and more than that, the body of Christ in its’ entirety will miss out also.  I encourage you to speak now…speak what the Lord has revealed to you, teach what the Lord has taught you, share the wisdom and understanding that you have received from God.


Lord, thank You for pushing me out of my comfort zone even when I didn’t want to be pushed.  Thank You for speaking to me and for giving me the words to say.  I wait eagerly for those moments and hours throughout the day that you teach me and drop nuggets of wisdom within me.  Keep me humble and always wanting more of You.  Amen.


~ by visionaryvanguard on Wednesday, 2007 November 7.

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