winds of change…

27 November 2007 ushered in a season of change.  The winds of change are blowing as you read this and mark my words…as the winds blow things will shift, move, rattle and roll.  You can hear it coming and a breath of fresh air is upon us.  Breathe in deep…no more shallow breathing…expand your lungs and fill them to their fullest capacity.



~ by visionaryvanguard on Wednesday, 2007 November 28.

One Response to “winds of change…”

  1. oh yes it sure did!!! What a night!!! Whew … drinking the holy ghost wine!! I LOVE IT!! You too Mariss… you too… lets be real. You’re awesome, gifted, anoinited and going places. You dream in the secret places, but God knows.

    I believe that you are going to be given the interpretations to your dreams. Not by others, but that even as you sleep, the Lord is going to reveal to you the mysteries of what you see in your sleep. I beleive that God is opening you up to a new realm of the propehtic.

    Thats all.

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