american idol watch #1…


I watched American Idol last night and Renaldo Lapuz of Reno, NV just knocked me off my feet and literally took my breath away.  Renaldo sang his “original composition” entitled, “We’re Brothers Forever,” a song dedicated to Simon Cowell.  Here’s the kicker, after Renaldo was done singing his catchy tune (lyrics include: “I am your brother, your best friend forever”), Renaldo promised “If I were an American Idol, then I would give hope to those who are in despairs.” 


DISPAIRS…DISPAIRS…Someone tell me why….WHY?!?!

To all my Pinoy friends out there…and you know who you are…this guy did an amazing job representing the Filipinos out there!  I gave him 2 thumbs for his outfit and his heart. 


On a personal note, I wish that I was with you guys (Liana, Tori and Renee) when this was on TV.  I can see Tori with her mouth open in shock, Renee turning to Liana asking, “Why, Liana…WHY?!” and Liana poking me in my arm or thigh with her index finger or pinching me.  And best of all, we would probably rewind it on TiVo just to laugh all over again.

 Renaldo’s quotes include:

“I wanna audition because this is a privilege, to sing to the whole world that its.
If I were American idol, I would give hope those who are in despairs to be tough, to be strength…”

“Everyone everywhere as long as there is print media, television, radio speaks the name of Simon.”

“You are my glory, Simon.”

“We’re brothers til the end of time. Together or not you’re always in my heart….I am your brother, your bestfriend forever!!!”



~ by visionaryvanguard on Thursday, 2008 January 17.

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  1. I found the YouTube clip of this amazing fellow. It’s on my blog, or, check it out here:

    the other person on WordPress with an entry tagged “brothers forever”, Abby

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