cheers to lomography…

I’m excited to tell you that I’ve found what I’ve been searching for but never knew what to call it…this is amazing…there are so many types of cameras and each one offers a wide variety of lens angles and capturing techniques.  A perfect camera to have by your side to aide in expression of the creative and random minds eye.


** tiny plastic cameras that are inexpensive

** the freedom to just point and shoot and the inability to manipulate the outcome of the picture…in-fact, all of these cameras are analogue and most capture images on 35mm film

** no immediate viewing, only the true and raw images caught in the moment… 






~ by visionaryvanguard on Tuesday, 2008 January 22.

11 Responses to “cheers to lomography…”

  1. What amazing images you have here, I am looking in to this lomography photography, and I am really liking what I see. Thats for the inspiration 🙂

  2. dude…love your work……

  3. i love these!

  4. im looking for an original russian lomo. ive managed to get my hands on one made more recently but the chinese lenses do not do true lomography justice. if anyones got one for same …im interested!

  5. Excellent work, anyway i can get updated when u upload ur new work ,



  6. For those who practice lomo….keep up the good work!

  7. totally awesome,. thks 4 sharing 🙂

  8. thank you for sharing your images. The color in them are very rich and full of life. The images go beyond what a normal picture would and i felt that they really make a personal connection with the viewer. Amazing job.

  9. is that a lomo HDR pic in there?

  10. awesome pics! 🙂

  11. great… nice cam shots… :))

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