heath ledger…


Heath Ledger passed away yesterday 22 January 2008.  This is such a tragic story…man…he was a 3 year new father, he was so young, he was so handsome, he had his entire life ahead of him.  Some say he belonged in the group of amazing auzzie actors right alongside Mel Gibson and Russell Crowe. 

I keep thinking to myself…CRAP!!  Heath’s dead.  What the heck?!


This serves as a reminder to me that life is so precious and that I need to continue living every moment as if it were to be my last.  No one knows when their time or hour will come and at some point our lives will come to their respective ends.


Geeze…man…this news hurts my heart.  It’s not like I knew him or anything, but man, this all just feels so unreal…

I’m pretty much speechless right now…


You may think that I’m overreacting, but I know that somewhere this news hits home and that you are a little sad if not upset at the whole situation.  Let’s just be honest with ourselves…this sucks!


~ by visionaryvanguard on Wednesday, 2008 January 23.

One Response to “heath ledger…”

  1. I was pretty sickened by the news. He was an amazing actor. Great job on the site and thank you for the great pictures!

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