sid dickens blocks…

I found something awesome…something new!  These are the most amazing pieces of artwork that I have seen in a long time.  The 30 blocks below are the ones that I want to collect.  I’ve never had a collection of anything (other than DVD’s) so I’m pretty excited to be collecting these beautiful pieces of artwork.

Check out the Sid Dickenson website when you get a chance…there are tons and tons of blocks other than these.


A little bit about the blocks…

Memory Blocks are hand crafted plaster, 6″ x 8″ x 1 1/4″, finished to a porcelain-like quality, cracked to create an aged look and feel.

Sid Dickens’ work is produced by a group of 30 young emerging artists in a studio space in Vancouver, Canada. Each Memory Blocks is hand poured hydrostone plaster, all tiles are hand painted (the Iron Series requires 3 coats), silver and gold leafing is done by hand, and finally the Memory Blocks are hand stained. We consider each Memory Block a piece of art, there are over 5 people that do work on each one of them. There are many copies on the market, which have the look of being mass produced, as most of them are. The hours of work that go into creating each Memory Block make them each an individual collectible treasure.

Sid Dickens Memory Blocks are best displayed in wall-mounted groupings. The size of the groupings is unlimited. One prominent collector displays 80 Memory Blocks in the foyer of her home. You can start with a single tile and build your collection according to your budget. Unlike static works like paintings, Sid Dickens Memory Blocks can be grouped in many arrangements of different sizes, shapes and sequences. As your decorating needs, feelings and moods change, your display can also change.

These Memory Blocks provide an affordable way of decorating your home with hand crafted original works of art at a starting price far below that of posters, prints or paintings.


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  1. Come visit us on and meeting collectors and view collections from around the world!

  2. website is actually

  3. Thank you for the link to The collections are amazing!

  4. Come visit the premier collectors site….

  5. You can also read about Sid Dickens at

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