I am sitting here in the quite with only the faint sound of the jet engines of planes passing far overhead. As I lay on my bed with only my tiny IKEA light on in the corner, I read. I must have put this book down dozens of times—for the sake of tiredness, for lack of concentration, for escape, for other more stimulating and time consuming pleasures in life—and yet every time I pick this book back up, its’ words are not only timely, but they speak into depths of my heart, my soul, my very being. I am reading Desire by John Eldridge and his words have awakened within me a portion of my heart and soul that I knew existed, but I lacked the know-how and ability to unlock their mysteries. He has put word to my innermost feelings and as a result has touched a proverbial ‘decompression button’ in my life that has lead me to begin experiencing the fullness of what God has for me here on earth and in heaven.

Have you ever experienced something so deep within you that mere words escape you? Where you’re left with nothing but an indescribable feeling within a simple and yet incredibly humbling fleeting moment of time? A moment where perhaps only the most seasoned of writers can capture with vivid detail and picturesque prose the feelings that perhaps only a few people may ever dare to associate with or even acknowledge. The divine wrinkle in time where the intellect, the truth and the hearts never ending journey of desire come together—where something remarkable happens, even if but for a split moment, where both a heart and mind experience something more than they have yet to know or come to terms with.

Perhaps it is only in the quiet times of my life that I can truly try to understand these moments in which I lack the vocabulary to describe. As my mind races to find the right words to say, my mouth opens but nothing comes out. With the pressures of this world weighing down on me, I wondered if anything within the inner recesses of my being was real or just fantasy, of God or of the enemy. Was I trying to escape my current situations through wanting more from what my current life offered me? I questioned the legitimacy of my own desires and yet I knew that there had to be more than this provincial life. I knew that I loved God and that as a Christian I follow Christ, but why, then, did I (and even today) find myself wanting more if God was (and is) supposed to be all sufficient for me? Desire has evoked within me emotions that make me want to smile, laugh, weep and grieve—all at the same time. I have willingly accepted John’s invitation to both discover and travel on my own journey of desire—encountering and embracing along the way the peaks and valleys life may reveal and bring my way.

My mind cannot wrap itself around the enormities of God—the depth and breadth of His being. I am humbled when He reveals to me in a flash a small part of His magnificent plan for my life. His love for me is more than I will ever know and even the smallest glimpse into His eternal glory makes me literally want to explode—it is too much.

Friends, God wants to journey with us. Although He goes before us and comes after us, I believe that many of us forget that He also wants to walk alongside us. You are not alone in this world nor are the longings and desires within your heart irrelevant or out of place. There is a summoning, a clarion call if you will, for the sons and daughters of God to take inventory of their lives, to examine their hearts, and to face the lies and deceptions of the enemy head on. I appeal to the real you—the person deep within who wants more from life but is afraid to ask because it seems selfish. I am inviting you on a journey of your desires. Do not allow the fear of the unknown and of past disappointments stop you from going on this journey with our God who never disappoints.

Although reading Desire may be a good start, it is really up to you to allow it to speak to the private and hidden areas of your life. First, before you buy this book, please allow me to share with you a couple of things that this book is not. This book is not a blanket answer to the hundreds of real issues of everyday life. This book is not something that you can read while multitasking with dozens of other things. This book is not for the faint of heart. Now, please allow me to tell you what this book is. This book is a door that will give access to many other doors of your life that may have been hidden or not even known of, if you allow it. This book is a tool that the Lord our God can and will use to illuminate the true you that has been hidden in the shadows of disappointment and doubt. This book will propel your forward into a life of purpose and significance. This book is life changing.

Friend, I encourage you to take 30 days to read this book, to reflect upon its truths (no matter how hard to hear, read and digest), and to allow the work of the Holy Spirit to take place in your life and within your own soul. I promise you that this book will speak to you in one way or another and shed light on a thought or feeling (no matter how “un-Christian” it may seem) that you thought was unique to you. Much of what you experience from day to day is apart of the human condition, but that does not make it ok to simply navigate through this thing we call life as a drone—numbed and callused to the God given desires within you. Both you and your passions are needed and I know that there is so much that you have to offer this world. We need you and God needs you. If you have been looking for direction in life, I challenge you to take a journey with our God into your desires…


~ by visionaryvanguard on Sunday, 2008 March 30.

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