seed, time and harvest…

The past couple of weeks have truly been a testing and proving ground for my faith in God.

While watching the Benny Hinn show one Monday, Oral Roberts dropped some serious nuggets on the topic of ‘Seed Time and Harvest Time.’ The one thing in particular I remember is when he said, “What most people think is wrong is sowing out of a need. Many people think that as Christians that we should not have needs because Jesus is all we need…but let’s use wisdom and be practical. If a man wants an apple, he will sow an apple seed into the ground. Time must pass to allow that seed to die in the ground but then it will rise and push through the soil to blossom into a beautiful and fruitful apple tree. If a man wants an orange, he will do the same and will yield the same. The same is true with money. If you need money, then sow money. The seed which you plant into good soil will rise up and yield more of that which you sowed. It’s that simple folks.” Those simple words of wisdom were words that I had never heard before in my life. Those simple words opened up a whole new world of possibilities to me…possibilities in and through my God. This man, Oral Roberts, was sitting there pouring out the wisdom of his 90 years and he was so ‘matter of fact’ about it. His words resonated deep within me and were planted in the soil of my soul and heart. His words were the words of our God…words and truth that I bought and would never sell.


~ by visionaryvanguard on Saturday, 2008 April 5.

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