days 1 and 2 at the travel channel academy – santa Barbara, ca…

First let me start off this blog with praise to my God. He is the most amazing person that I know and He has blessed me beyond measure. Words are not enough to express all of my love and affection that I have for my Lord and my God! I wish that there was something more that I could do to show my love for Him, but all He requires of me is my heart and my worship.

I am moved to tears just thinking about the past 2 days of my life. I have learned so much and I have been sitting (literally) in the presence of kings. My desk, which is in the front row and in the very center, resides no less than 2 feet from the instructors’ desk.

For anyone who knows me, where I would sit in class would be far from the front and nowhere near the center—I’m more of a middle-to-back row and on the end kind of student…with that being said you can imagine my initial stress of being in the front and in the middle at that. BUT GOD knew exactly where I needed to sit and boy-o-boy did He set me up. Remember the instructors’ desk that I was talking about? Well, the main instructor of the class and school is Michael Rosenblum.

You may be asking yourself, “who the crap is Michael Rosenblum?” Don’t worry…I asked the exact question…and to be honest, I still don’t think I understand the full weight of who he is. (Trina…you may need to help me out in the comments section to let the people know). All that being said, I am in the midst of a major blessing and they are hitting me from the left and the right…something that I have never experienced at this level before. I am in a class that people and instructors that would literally pay hundreds of thousands if not millions of dollars to get one-on-one time with them…let alone have them edit my actual film footage and give me pointers.

Look at the amazingness of my God! Ahhhhhhhhhhh…it’s just so good, I can’t contain it all.

So today, Friday, 2 May 2008, I edited and finished my first piece. As a class our work was critiqued by all of the instructors, of which were the VP of the Travel Channel and Michael Rosemblum. I could honestly say that with me not really understanding the weight and clout of these instructors, I wasn’t as nervous as I probably should have been. When my video was played I got to see it for the first time on the big screen and I witnessed, first hand, Michaels’ reaction. I was the one and only person that he has ALL positive praise and he asked me, “Have you ever done this before? This is really good,” to which I responded, “No, not at all.” This was not the first time in the class that someone asked me this exact question…and it’s really caught me by surprise. I am here to learn from the best and just take in all that I can before this experience ends, and here are these instructors asking me if I have ever done anything like this before. I’m not sure if it’s a good thing or not, but it is both humbling and inspiring to know that people who have been in this business are complementing me and even pulling me aside privately to let me know they like my work and to tell me about other programs that I would be a great candidate for. All I can say is, WOW.

Guys, I am doing what I love…and I encourage anyone out there to follow their heart and do what they love. We only have one life and we might as well live it doing those things that the Lord, our God, has placed within us…those things that we have a never ceasing passion for. Whether it be world missions, business, traveling, dancing, singing, writing, or whatever it may be…just do it. Do what makes you happy…pursue what your desires are, for they are from our God and were placed in your heart for a reason.

I am looking forward to what tomorrow will bring—I am going to a Polynesian/Hawaiian dance studio that is right off the beach, to get some footage…and as an added bonus I am going to a local glass blowing studio to grab some awesome footage there as well. It’s only half over…2 more days to go.


(by the way…Trina…this is a pic of me on the phone with you…I accidentally did it up close…but I think its pretty nice anyway)


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  1. Hello? is anyone out there? I attended that class to!

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