growing impatient…

If you haven’t noticed already…it’s been several weeks if not months since I last posted.  

Reason:  my computer caught a horrific virus while I was looking up Bobby Lee youtube videos (yes…somehow it happened while on youtube Renee).


Things in my life haven’t been the same since that fateful day…and I have been missing this blog horribly.  So here I am, sitting on my couch in the living room with only the sound of the ticking clock inside the entertainment center as background noise.


The house is empty and I am totally savoring these few quiet moments–no music, no tv, no phone…


‘So what have you been up to lately?’ you may ask…


Well, I managed to read about 4 books within a 2 week time span…I practiced some prophetic painting last weekend and absolutely loved it…I’ve been preparing to share at “Intimate 2008” (a young women’s conference at my church)…I’ve played with my dog Dakota…I’ve dreamed about doing comedic improv at random places, all the while convincing my friends to record me 😉 …


I can sense someone asking ‘Why did you call this blog “growing impatient?” 


Well, since my computer crashed I haven’t really been able to keep my life posted via my blog and share it with the world.  I have secretly been really depressed in a way and have been mourning the loss of my computer.  I have this problem of my brain going too fast and processing things so fast that I get frustrated when trying to journal my thoughts on paper.  I can’t write fast enough and to tell you the truth, I have given up many times.  The computer gives me so much freedom to just free write all of my thoughts…all the while my fingers can keep pace with my brain. 

I am growing impatient for a new computer that I could not only blog on, but also edit some of my short form content and get a video blog and or potcast going…

Se la vi I guess for the moment…

Sometimes I feel stupid for keeping my eyes peeled and my expectations high that maybe someone will bless me with a new computer…where they would take me shopping for the exact computer that I have had in mind all along.  Am I stuipd?  Is it just wishful thinking?  

Bahhhh…how much longer must I wait?  (And going into debt and financing a new computer for 5k is not the answer guys…)


~ by visionaryvanguard on Tuesday, 2008 September 16.

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  1. sup wat is yo myspace site

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