$390,000,000 and other things along the “money” line…

Word on the street is that the Democratic Presidential Nominee, Barack Obama, has raised over $390,000,000 (yes…that’s million!) for his campaign and he’s still going.  From what I can see, he has been spending that money on ads, banners, signs, payroll for his employees, and who knows what else…obviously things that every and any Presidential candidate needs to run a successful campaign.


But come on……………………….$390,000,000………………………….seriously?!  I could care less if Obama raises more than McCain…but with our economy in the fragile state that it’s in, have you ever wondered what the American economy would be like if everyone raised that much money or even a fraction of that amount and gave it towards paying off our debts—our own personal debts for that matter?  Have we become such a greedy and self serving country that we demand that the Government bail us out from an economic crisis that was caused by the very greed that fueled and caused this historic downturn?

We’re a bunch of tantrum throwing Americans that when we don’t get our way, the stock market drops in a historic way.  Mind you, I say ‘we’ because I am guilty of being pissed at this whole situation that, in my own way, I have contributed to.

A few questions I ask myself that just have to do with money in general:

  1. Earlier this year we tax-paying Americans received an economic stimulus check that was meant to do just that for our economy—stimulate it and jump start spending.  I know I put my money towards paying down my debt.  But what did the millions of other Americans do with their check?  Did that check work in jump starting our economy?  Where did the money “really” come from if America has more than 1 Trillion dollar deficit?  How am I going to pay for receiving and cashing in this check in the future?
  2. AIG…what in the world happened there?
  3. Where is all of this money coming from that is saving these investment banks and insurance companies?  How is it that we have the money to bail out these companies but we can’t eliminate our deficit?

Perhaps I am asking the wrong questions.  Perhaps I am asking the questions that other people are asking.  Perhaps I don’t know what I’m talking about because I may not be completely educated on how our great country handles its’ finances.

One thing I know, and it’s this:  I’m looking at the numbers that are in the news every day.  I am reading the news articles and trying to stay abreast of this whole situation.  Something just isn’t adding up…and I am getting the feeling that I’ll be paying for all of this in the near future.  My only prayer is that I equip my children with the ability to be successful even in difficult circumstances like we are in today.  I do not want to burden them with the thought of not being able to buy a loaf of bread because it costs $5.00/loaf or the thought of buying gas for their cars at $10.00/gal.

I just want to do my part.

I covered a lot of ground and now that I am rereading what I typed I have covered perhaps more than one topic here.  I’m not saying that we are in this situation as Americans because of Obama…rather, I’m just using the fact that he has raised so much as a conversation starter…to get people to dialogue about how money can be so easily raised for a good cause, whatever that may be.  Also, I am using it to ask some questions about our current financial crisis here in America.

Hey, don’t hate me for this blog…I’m just thinking out loud and maybe saying those things that other people are thinking but won’t say.

Thoughts?  Comments?


~ by visionaryvanguard on Monday, 2008 November 3.

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