polls, polls, polls…

I’m sooooooooooooo over hearing about political polls.  I am polled out.

Obama spread by double digits…McCain closing the gap…

This is a clip that I have altered for blogging sake that I just have to comment on.  I think—in a nutshell—it shows the utter confusion that is going on and that other Americans out there are experiencing when they hear about the “polls.”

I love reading the news from all news sources…CNN, MSNBC, Fox News and the like…but this one just happens to come from Fox News (obviously)…

I’m not bashing Fox News…this just happened to be what I read as soon as I refreshed their news page…

Goodness gracious…………

Your browser may not support display of this image.

Just thought I would share a few more of my thoughts and questions…

Who is being polled?  I haven’t been called…I haven’t been questioned…so who exactly is being polled?  Where do these people live and what does one have to do to get polled?  Do they have to be on some list or something?


~ by visionaryvanguard on Monday, 2008 November 3.

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