5 things i’m believing for in 2009…

I think that this is the first year that I have actually spent time thinking about the things that I am believing for in the new year to come.  After years and years of disappointment because my list didn’t get checked off I thought of giving up this year — and actually did before yesterday. 

I realized that in making my list in the past I completely forgot to include God in the whole process.  I figured that I didn’t need to include Him in the process of making the list because He was already going to make it happen.  Wrong…and mistake #1.

That being said, in the throes of my self pity this evening and my lack of faith in the Holy Spirit that He would actually help me make a list, I prayed and then started to free write–and what do ya know…I got wrote a list that is totally and completely inspired by Him (and so happens to be completely different from last years list, and that of many previous years).  I really couldn’t have come up with this list on my own…plus, I really didn’t want to do one because I know where it got me in the past.

Thanks Holy Spirit…You really are good, ya know!

5 things I’m believing for in 2009:

1.  A new me.  A healthier me.  A change in my lifestyle and one that helps me move closer to my ultimate weight loss goal of weighing 170-180lbs.

2.  The faith and courage to work past my fears and failures.  To always remember the goals I have set with the help of the Holy Spirit.

3.  To create something great–whether through painting, photography, music, writing, blogging–something that will inspire others to be creative and free.  Allowing my creativity to flourish past the thought that what I create might not be absolutely perfect.

4.  To learn how to play my guitar well so I can worship in a new way.

5.  Complete healing where it hurts.  Faith in God, faith in Jesus and His works, and faith in the infinite abilities of the Holy Spirit in places where I lacked it.  Strength where I am weak.  Courage to fail and try again.  TRUST IN GOD INSTEAD OF TRUST IN ME.


~ by visionaryvanguard on Monday, 2009 January 5.

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  1. love this amps

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