About Me

My name is Marissa Greene and I am 23 years old and currently live in San Jose, California.  There is this insatiable hunger within me to travel, see the world and go on adventures…to dream big dreams and to see them fulfilled.  Experiencing new things, taking pictures and journaling about it is a passion of mine.  My God has blessed me abundantly and I’m all about experiencing and living everyday to its fullest.  This blog pretty much says it all.  This is a blog that chronicles my life in part.  This is a collection of it all…


2 Responses to “About Me”

  1. And guess what youre doing RIGHT NOW! the TRAVEL CHANNEL ACADEMY!

  2. I found your site purely by accident while doing a Google image search for Hoops and Yoyo…what a neat treat your blogsite is! I’m curious about the name Visionary Vanguard. My only knowledge of that is from the film the Lakehouse. Is that where the reference is from?

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